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presenting/teaching via inter@ctive video (90 minutes)
You may be a pro speaking to a live audience, but what happens when that live audience is virtual? Whether your using advanced videoconference equipment, skype or an online webinar platform, how you communicate and interact with your audience in a virtual space is quite different from an in-room lecture. Learn how to make your presentations informative AND engaging for all of your participants, no matter where they are located. You’ll better understand the technology your communicating through as well as how to harness it for your presentation benefit in this 90 minute workshop.

conducting productive virtual meetings (90 minutes)
Virtual meetings have come a long way from the two-line telephone conference. With the development of online meeting tools and video advancements, meeting with colleagues around the world simultaneously is no longer an expensive or outlandish task. But making those meetings productive can be. Research has shown that many employees think that they’re in-person meetings are often times too long and unproductive. That restlessness can be intensified when interactive technologies mediate communication. Learn strategies for facilitating meetings via inter@ctive technology platforms that will keep your organization moving in this 90 minute session. Additional time can be added for exploration of a particular platform your organization uses and platform-specific training.

web 2.0 teaching for educators  (90 minutes Р2 full days)
Whether your teaching students who are individually connecting from their home computers, or groups of students simultaneously at various locations, how we teach in a web 2.0 collaborative world is vastly different than how we teach in a classroom space; however, the age-old adage remains true: good teaching is simply good teaching. This particular workshop investigates project-based, inquiry-based and collaborative learning strategies for distance learning teachers. Participants will leave with a basic understanding of web 2.0 tools, terminology and how to harness them for effective teaching. This workshop is fully customizable for content area and can be as brief as an executive-level overview or as intensive as a two day lab-based workshop (or anything in between). Particular emphasis will be placed on distance teaching that incorporates interactive video, and how to teach ‘via a camera.’ This workshop can also be adapted for workplace training coordinators and HR development professionals.


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