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designing your facebook timeline cover image: guide for non-profits

The great thing about Facebook’s new timeline (and we’re going to call it new even though it went into effect just over two months ago; that’s an eternity in online technologies!) is that you have a huge amount of visual real estate at the top of your […]

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everything you need to know about Facebook you learned in kindergarten

It’s not rocket science. A lot of what you need to know about inter@cting through Facebook, well, you learned it in kindergarten. Here are few Facebook Playground Rules for businesses. Don’t Litter: Be funny. Be real. Be true to your brand. share great information. Don’t trash your […]

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why do local retail businesses need a facebook page?

Local retail businesses have a competitive advantage over online retailers. If someone walks through the door of a local retail establishment, there is a 20-95% chance that person will buy something. When a consumer swings through a virtual retail space? The chance is more like 0.5-3% (see […]

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