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everything you need to know about Facebook you learned in kindergarten

It’s not rocket science. A lot of what you need to know about inter@cting through Facebook, well, you learned it in kindergarten. Here are few Facebook Playground Rules for businesses.

Don’t Litter: Be funny. Be real. Be true to your brand. share great information. Don’t trash your page. Or the pages of others. {Yeah, that means don’t post your deal on someone else’s facebook page).

Be Yourself: Create exclusive content — it attaches value to your page. Be true to yourself and your brand.

Tag – You’re It!: If you amplify your partners, vendors and friends, they will amplify you. It’s not science. It’s an art.

You like me, you REALLY like me: Err… not.  Don’t ask people to like you. You want people to engage with you and your content. 15,000 likes overnight doesn’t mean they really like you, it means they clicked a button. Liking is organic. And it takes time to grow relationships.

Be a Good Friend: if someone is kind enough to talk to you, respond back. even if their comment was negative. It’s all about inter@cting.

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